Monday, June 20, 2011

The Inaugural Brat Fry

Our first fry was after church on Sunday in Fox Lake the last weekend in May (We will try to be a bit more prompt in the future).  They were raising money to send kids on some mission.   This was at Annunciation Church and they have Mass at both 8 and 10.  An interesting thing about brats, is that there is never a bad time for one.  The folks raising money for the Mission Trip knew this and took advantage of 9am brats (after the 8am Mass).  My family attended at 10 and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have our family share some delicious bratwursts together.  So we had our brats at 11 and they were just about as you'd expect.  Delicious.   Overall, the atmosphere was pleasant, after all - it was church.  They grilled on site right outside the main doors and I would have thought they used a vent right from the grill and pumped the air right into the church.  They kept things warm in the Nesco, but condiments were a little lacking and the buns tasted a wee bit on the stale side.  No complaints for $2 brats.  A great start to our first fry.

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